A class to represent an RSVP label-switched-path in the network model

source_node_object: Node where LSP ingresses the network (LSP starts here)

dest_node_object: Node where LSP egresses the network (LSP ends here)

lsp_name: name of LSP


will either be 'Unrouted' or be a dict containing the following -
- interfaces: list of interfaces that LSP egresses in the order it
    egresses them
- path_cost: sum of costs of the interfaces
- baseline_path_reservable_bw: the amount of reservable bandwidth
    available on the LSP's path when the LSP was signaled, not inclusive
    of the bandwidth already reserved by this LSP on that path (if any)

reserved_bandwidth: amount of bandwidth reserved by this LSP

setup_bandwidth: amount of bandwidth this LSP attempts to signal for when it sets up

manual_metric: manual metric for LSP. If set, this value will override the default (shortest path) metric for effective_metric. This value must be a positive integer. To restore the LSP’s default metric (that of the shortest IGP path) in a live simulation, set this value to -1.

For more information on the capabilities of RSVP LSPs, see the RSVP LSP docstrings.